Pre and Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification Course

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We are the first organization to introduce and launch an integrative Pre-Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification program in 2013, expanding coaching professionals holistic nutrition knowledge and skillset for working with clients throughout pregnancy and postpartum.


Our program prepares those seeking a professional career to become Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coaches with a holistic perspective that integrates traditional, evidence-based nutrition education with additional integrative modalities such as the bio-individuality of clients, nutrition for sleep and stress, healthy exercise/movement, and eco-friendly practices throughout the pre & post natal periods. Our focus is on a holistic approach to establishing healthy eating habits that begin during preconception and continue throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Our Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coaches fill an important role in promoting healthy nutrition habits by educating, supporting and coaching families in response to their individual needs.

The IPHI Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coach model utilizes a holistic science-based approach that is also individualized and patient-centered in order to help arm our coaches with the skills, education and confidence needed in order to meaningfully connect with clients and by developing optimal full mind-body wellness. The IPHI does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to providing nutrition education to our clients. Our emphasis is based on the idea of using ‘food as medicine’ and that each client has their own unique biochemical, genetic, and lifestyle individuality and that this factor should be at the foundation of creating any personalized coaching plan.

Optimal nutrition is at the root of building overall health as everything you eat affects the way the body functions and how it performs. What you eat affects how you sleep. What you eat affects your level of stress and emotional well-being. What you eat affects how you move through you day. And the examples go on and on from there. This is the reason behind our integrative approach. The health and nutrition industries are growing fast, and so is the need of passionate and dedicated nutrition coaches. The IPHI Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coach certification program builds on the foundations of nutrition education and also focuses on prevention, using whole real foods for optimal nutrition and lifelong health for the whole family.


  • The Role of the Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coach
  • Expectations
  • Code of Conduct
  • Scope of Practice
  • Liability
  • Contracts
  • The Six Stages of Readiness for Change and How to Work with each stage
  • Client Assessment/Questionnaire
  • Fundamental Coaching Skills
  • Goal Setting/Motivators
  • Working with Client’s Learning Style
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Maintenance
  • Time Management
  • A review of the various nutritionist roles: medical and non-medical
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Pregnant Woman
  • Food as Fuel & A Nutrient Dense Diet
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Digestion, Bio-individuality, and Supporting the Microbiome
  • Food: Organic vs Conventional vs GMO
  • Herbs and Supplements: Synthetic vs Natural
  • Nutrition for Fertility
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy
  • Nutrition for Postpartum and Baby
  • Breast vs Formula
  • Eating for Special Considerations (i.e., gestational diabetes, morning sickness, etc.)
  • Specialized Dietary Concerns/Diets
  • A basic review of all the nutrition methods and controversies industry
  • Creating and Working with a Customized Plan
  • Psychology & Mindful Eating
  • Food allergies / sensitivities
  • Common ailments and nutrients
  • Nutrition for Sleep and Stress
  • Case Study Reviews
  • Business Basics
  • AND more!

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