Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant Course

Welcome to the International Parenting & Health Institute's (IPHI) Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant Certification program.

This is Component One, a combination of self-paced online and live course introducing you to your role as a coach and all aspects of sleep in your sleep consulting work. Upon completion of Component One, all students receive a Certificate of Training Completion, and are considered graduates of the IMPI Maternity & Sleep Consultant Program. Students may obtain their full certification upon completion of Components Two.

Graduates from the IPHI Maternity & Child Sleep Certification program are trained:

What you will find in your training

  • Learn how to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of sleep training methods.
  • Learn and understand how to uncover the root of each sleep challenge that inhibits the body’s natural ability to sleep.
  • Understand a diversity of parenting philosophies, consider what underlies children’s behaviors temperaments in the context of sleep to discover the root of the sleep challenge, respond to a range of family sleep goals, and identify and discuss factors that may impact healthy sleep habits.
  • Learn how to work with pregnancy sleep in order to support mom and baby’s sleep and take preventative measures to prepare for child sleep.
  • Learn how to work with and support families from infancy to toddler.
  • You will be trained to address key issues through thorough investigative work, discovering the root that may be contributing to sleep disruption rather than jumping too quickly to implement a specific behavioral approach.
  • Understand the scientific and natural foundations of sleep, how it works and our holistic context for sleep when working with families.
  •  Understand the interplay between the science of sleep, the behavior of sleep, lifestyle, beliefs and the emotional well-being component of sleep.
  • Understand and Learn how nutrition affects sleep.
  • Understand and Learn how parent’s lifestyle, energy, expectations and behavior affects sleep.
  • Learn how birth trauma and secure attachment affects sleep.
  • Learn how an eco-lifestyle affects sleep.
  • Learn about the many controversies, misconceptions and unrealistic expectations for child sleep.
  • Learn how to work with a range of simple and complex sleep challenges and cases.
  • Use practical applications to strengthen your skills before graduating.
  • Focus significant attention on understanding the role of a Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant, including counseling families and assessing their readiness for change, the breastfeeding relationship, the role of sleep in pregnancy, the role of relationships, self-care, safety, neuroscience, social and cultural factors that affect sleep, and the importance of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being in sleep consulting practices.